Following the press release of March 17 and facing a rapidly evolving situation, we wish to remain attentive to all your mobility needs. Do not worry, because we are with you and will use THE BIG MEANS. It is with this in mind that we are happy to announce the followings.


During this difficult period, the last thing we want is for our customers to lose their mobility since traveling is an essential needs in the region. As part of this special program, we will increase by several units our fleet of courtesy vehicles to accommodate our customers in need Ex: Total loss, vehicle under repair and / or breakdown, etc ...


In addition to using traditional disinfectants and in order to seriously secure our operations, we are happy to have acquired two mobile health units devices equipped with dry steam disinfectant machines, level industrial. These units will allow, among other things, to disinfect quickly and very efficiently customer cars, courtesy vehicles, offices, etc ...


Over the next few weeks, the site of will transform from a retail site to a site informative about the frequently asked questions of our customers. All updates of our guidelines as well as the various essential telephone numbers will also be available.


Knowing that many of our customers will need a tire change in the next few weeks, we will communicate to you soon when we will come up with a brand new concept that will allow you to make your change of tires, without even getting out of your car.


Despite the fact that our buildings still remain accessible, we will reduce the hours of access there from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. For reasons of health security in the current context, we will limit the number to 5 customers simultaneously by establishment to respect social distancing.

This is why WE ENCOURAGE YOU once again to use all of our TELECONSEILLERS services for both your parts needs and services than those of new or used vehicles. We are able to adapt to your reality to meet all your needs and all that, WITHOUT INTERPERSONAL CONTACT. Better to put processes in place quickly even if we know that it is not perfect than to remain inactive. This being our line of conduct, we encourage you to communicate with us in order to make all the necessary improvements to our practices. Our small teams will be available and will adapt according to the evolution of the situation and the needs that you deem important. Note, however, that our teams will have to prioritize the importance of each situation in order to secure the mobility of all customers.

The appointment service can therefore be reviewed if necessary by our TELECOMMUNERS. We will therefore appeal to your great understanding. For any other questions or needs, we will therefore ask to communicate directly with your dealer through our various plateforms : web, Facebook or phone. We would like to thank you for your collaboration and your comprehension.

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Posted in On Mar 23, 2020