What Is a Certified Vehicle?

Have you ever heard of Nissan Certified Vehicles? These are used vehicles that have been carefully selected for their quality. They are a great option for drivers looking for the best value on the market.

In this article, your dealer first explains what a certified vehicle is, then shows you the guarantees and privileges that come with such a purchase. Discover all the advantages!

Certification, A Rigorous Examination

To become a certified vehicle, Nissans must first pass their exam! Indeed, the certification is an attestation that confirms that the vehicle meets the rigorous criteria of the Japanese manufacturer.

How does this exam take place? First, the technicians trained by the Japanese brand apply a 169-point inspection process. All components are inspected:

  • The engine blocks
  • The chassis
  • The car’s body
  • The suspension, steering and brakes
  • The electronic systems
  • The heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Etc.

In short, nothing is overlooked: An inspection grid is meticulously filled out by Nissan professionals. To complete the inspection, a road test is performed and confirms the good condition of the mechanical and electronic components.

A History Report Provided

To be eligible for Nissan certification, the used vehicle must not have suffered a major accident and must have been well maintained. The vehicle’s history plays a role in the certification process.

During the inspection, the technicians will obtain a Carfax report, by which the used car must be approved. You will also have access to this report, which shows the history of the car, including its maintenance and accidents, if any.

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A Warranty for Peace of Mind

When you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Nissan, you automatically receive a powertrain warranty. This program covers 72 months or 120,000 km, whichever comes first, and covers over 600 components.

Looking for more? You can opt for the Security+Plus Platinum protection program, which covers over 1,900 components! This includes:

  • Audio, video and navigation systems
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Climate control
  • And much more.

It is also possible to extend the 72-month warranty for up to 96 months or 200,000 km. With this comprehensive coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind on the road!

In addition to the warranty on components, buyers of a certified pre-owned car benefit from an exchange privilege not offered by other used cars for sale. In fact, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it within 10 days or 1,500 km for another vehicle of your choice.

Exclusive Privileges

When you buy a certified Nissan, you get more than just a car: you get a host of benefits and privileges that will make your experience more enjoyable every day.

First of all, you’ll benefit from a preferential financing rate at the time of your purchase, much lower than with regular used cars. Then, 24/7 Nissan Roadside Assistance will be available to help you should you experience any problems or unforeseen circumstances on the road. A trip-planning service makes your life even easier.

Finally, compatible vehicles come with a trial of Sirius Satellite Radio, which enhances your in-car experience with commercial-free music, podcasts and more.

Like-New Pre-Owned Vehicle

In short, the certified pre-owned vehicle combines the benefits of new cars with those of used vehicles. A lower price, exceptional quality, lower financing; there is no shortage of advantages. Auto123 experts confirm it:

Buying a certified vehicle generally means acquiring a newer vehicle that is in better condition,

better protected and will have a higher resale value.”

It’s an excellent compromise between new and used models, in terms of value for money and resale value: the buyer is an overall winner. With the Nissan certification program, benefit from an impeccable and scrupulously inspected vehicle, which offers you additional privileges.

At Baie-Comeau Nissan, a vast inventory of used vehicles awaits you, including many certified Nissan vehicles. Find your next rare gem along Route 138 on the Côte-Nord, near Pointe-Lebel and Chute-aux-Outardes: our team is waiting for you!

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Posted in On Jun 21, 2022