You’ve researched, tested and decided on a Nissan vehicle, and there’s only one step left before you finalize your purchase: financing. At Baie-Comeau Nissan, we do everything we can to make this step as easy as possible, by offering you the best payment options. Our advisers will guide you through the various financing solutions; whether you buy a car or prefer to lease.

we do everything possible to make the process of acquiring a new vehicle as simple as possible. That’s why you can now make a pre-approval request directly on our website.

No need to travel, no pressure, no complex process: all you have to do is enter some information about yourself to give us a global picture of your financial situation and we’ll take care of the rest. In just a few clicks, you will have access to options as advantageous as those that would have been offered to you at the dealership.

Not only does financing fit you perfectly, but so does service: advisers will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and will provide you with the best advice. It’s with the utmost care that the Côte-Nord team stands out, their human and understanding approach making all the difference.

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Since each client’s financial situation is unique, our flexible financing solutions will be adapted to your budget. Your adviser will offer you personalized choices based on the needs you have communicated to him or her and will help you choose the option that suits you best. Even clients facing greater financial difficulties will find a solution, thanks to second chance credit financing. Benefit from the best advice and the most accurate information from a team of specialists who will give you the right information.

Come and visit the Baie-Comeau Nissan dealership to find out about the financing options available to you, or simply fill out a financing request online, and we will get back to you promptly.


Thanks to the L'Ami Auto Crédit branches of the Groupe L'Ami Junior, we can find you the financing solution tailored to your situation and your credit file. Even better, our 2nd and 3rd chance credit financing specialists will take the time to understand your credit situation in order to find the financing plan that can improve your long-term credit and ultimately give you access to a better interest rate.